Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sat 25th October: Block Party

The last block party I went to was in the Summer of 2006 when I was living on 123rd Street, Harlem NYC. The venue was "Billy Jean's" braid shop and the fierce competition started with "girls Age 6 and below" and literally ended up in blows with "Girls 16 and above". Potentially one of the most fun and informative nights in my dancing career. Dosed up on generous donations of blue liquor and rice'n'peas, I had to keep up with the winners of both heats till the early hours. I have to hold that day as a fond & special memory and not get despondent about the lack of such riots in my London neighbourhood.
So when I ran into Tina Turnover at the BFC earlier in the week and found out that Dalston's own "Work It" is having a special one-off at the ICA...............I promptly got out my Sharpie and penned it in the calender...........I don't know if the The Mall is gonna match up to the sidewalk of Malcolm X Blvd, but Im there already................very very excited

photo courtesy of Sara El Dabi

Work It Block Party
15 November 2008
Take a trip down Memory Lane and reminisce on the 90s. Complete with movie screening, hula hooping, double dutch, photo booth and more. Brush the dust off your Nike Air Max and bump'n'grind to the sounds of the Work It DJs spinning the freshest hip hop and R&B.

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Saturday 15 November 2008 10:00 pm Bar

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