Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday 19th October: Frock Me

Today was my television debut on Henry Holland's new T4 Fashion Show Frock Me in the episode focusing on "Club Chic". Can't think why I was hired?! It finally becomes clear why all those Boom Box nights were actually legitimately work related! Sheepinshly remembering events such as accidentally bumping into my assistant Holly in the Tube when I was done up to the nines on my way out when she was on her way home for a school night in. But relentlessly sporting those headdresses on a weekly basis has evidentally payed off. Not to mention the fact I love to dance and a certain degree of therapy on the dance floor was also necessary at the time! Thanks go out to K A B I R who first plucked me out of the crowd at a fashion week party, on the onus of my headgear which started my London clubbing career.
So I went on to show my secrets in a Blue Peter style format of no brand Pritt Stick assembly. All considered, it went well so hopefully the next generation of suburb stars have been inspired on a Sunday morning. My fascination with all things Bromley Contingent, Studio 54, Mudd Club, Disco Bloodbath (the original please), Kinky Gerlinky, Taboo etc etc has finally made sense. My professor of Fashion History at Brighton. Lou Taylor was always refreshingly understanding when I obstinately focused on these "subcultures" for thesis work!
I don't have any pics of the actual day so here are some tenuous HOH snaps from my Kickers installation at fashion week Sept 07. Maki's incredible pop up - cut out of Agyness with a winking eye and lit cigarette........

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