Monday, 12 January 2009

Mon 12th Jan: Quote of the Day

I'm counting down the days till the Stephen Jones exhibition at the V&A and a welcome distraction came today with an in depth 3 page interview courtesy of

Anything else from the wild side of Stephen Jones?

There's such a freaky, eccentric side to every milliner on the planet. It goes with the territory. We drive people nuts. You have to be manic obsessive to do it.

It's like a cult.

Yes, there's a real cult aspect to making and wearing hats.

No idea what he means?!

(Thanks to Richard Toon for prompting paranoia by pointing out that the tone of my blogging is somewhat akin to the Blue Peter presenter that I look like. So I'm going to consciously review this situation and get more "street". I guess its one of those "telephone voice" scenarios. I just can't help myself. When writing I slip back into English lesson this space, its gonna get colloquial .........well kinda)

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tor (fabfrocks) said...

colloquial is overrated! There's nothing wrong with writing and spelling properly....innit!!