Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thurs 15th Jan: Loopy Ladies

Becoming part of the New Gen scheme this season is paying off in so many unimaginable ways and is really a life changing opportinity. Besides the bonus to my business, on a personal level I am loving getting to know the other designers and building a network. Its a very natural process and not a cliquey imprenitiable fash family that you may expect. I am particularly warming to the wooly side of the team - being both of the knitters Craig Lawerence and Cooperative Designs.
Annalisa Dunn from Cooperative has sent me this logo which is comprised of stills from thier recent film and catwalk show. She tells me that the new collection currently under construction in thier Hackney studio is inspired by thier ultimate muse and coincidentally thier director of photography, Amy Gwatkin.
Thier latest exciting news is the capsule collection comission at Henri Bendel for the store’s guest designer initiative. Henri Bendel New York Limited Edition Spring 2009 by Cooperative Designs is made up of dresses and cardigans in both skinny and oversize shapes in the team's trademark primary colors and stripes. For readers not able to nip down to 5th Av, NY, Coop are also available at Browns, London or online at Brittique. I recommend investing now in key early pieces of this label set to take over knitwear as we know it (never mind the fact they are bloody lush clothes).

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Oh good for them, I love their stuff!