Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tues 13th Jan: Pigeon Street

What is PlushPattern's Victoria Langdon up to? She's paying tribute to her nemesis in printing a triptych of pigeons. It is a known fact that in Vicky's presence you must immediately duck when a pigeon comes near as her arms involuntarily swing out at a 45 degree angle. She has a phobia of the urban vermin and has quite a physical reaction to the pest on encounters. So she has turned the irrational reaction round to produce a run of 35 prints based on Darwin's "Origin of the species". They are jazzy detailed birds, each with a neon beak and feet, complemented by an irredescent shiny foiled breast.
When not squeegeeing her screen, she is tip-tapping up trend analysis at The Future Laboratory. BBC "One Show" visited Future Lab for last evening's report on emerging "Homedulgence" and "Bleisure" activities. Here are screen grabs from the feature where I have proudly picked out her stripey scarf self in the background for the benefit of any other friends who want to fluff up (pigeon style) and be proud of her appearence.


plush patterns said...

wow thanks for the write up fred you're mega lush! x

fredbutlerstyle said...

I knows it, try telling that to the boys

; )