Monday, 8 June 2009

Monday 8th June: Venice Biennale by Anna Leader

Photographer and Artist Anna Leader went to the opening of the Venice Biennial to help her friend Noah Stolz set up the celebrations for the Swiss Pavilion.  So I jumped on the poor girl as soon as I found out, and asked her to be our roving reporter.  She has gone totally over board the gondola with the amount of homework so here is the start of an art onslaught.  
Apparently the predominant fashion sported by the opening crowd was "Ray-Bans and nipples"?!    Thanks for the sartorial insight Anna!  Oh, and thanks for the humorous anecdote to my drinking habit in the very first installment!  Seriously though, thank you so much for this, its the most high brow this blog has ever got!  Quality stuff right here...............

"Perhaps the best thing to start off with is the most Fred thing I saw at the Biennial, which was the bar. Not what we are all thinking - the bar/cafe was designed by German artist Tobias Rehberger who won the Golden Lion award for this work "What you love also makes you cry", which functions both as a restaurant and a multi-faceted artwork. Yep, mental and lovely. "

Image Christian Sinibaldi
Anna was only equipped with an analogue so her photos are from her phone or borrowed with credits where applicable.

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