Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday 9th June: Lauren Laverne is a living legend

(Lulu Guinness / Adam Wright automated birdcage bag with gold embroidery by Hand & Lock)

Last night I had the privilege of attending the 20th anniversary of Lulu Guinness at the V&A on behalf of Bishi who kindly gave me her ticket.  She had been invited by Lauren Laverne who was hosting the evening which was also the announcement of Lulu's Scholarship for the MA Artefact Design at LCF.  (This is a fantastic course taught by another mentor of mine, milliner Dai Rees).
I decided to deal with my debilitating shyness and introduce myself to Miss Laverne to thank her and also give her one of my accessories.  Not only was she totally down to earth, and gracious..........she was also genuinely grateful.  30 mins later I looked across the lawn and she had already put the clip straight in her hair.  It was quite a moment for me.  One of the only things that gets me through working the weekends, is her radio show on Sat afternoon.  Her voice has got me through the hard/dark times and now she is wearing the fruits of that labour!  Incredible.  No wonder she is such an authority on culture as she was earnestly inquisitive, asking me about my new projects without any prompting (not that would have happened anyway with my monosyllabic attempts at conversation!).  However, she was already up on my work from researching Bishi's wardrobe for the feature that she has written about upcoming female musicians in today's Grazia.   Here is Bishi wearing the gold peacock I made her for Salome.
A few of the other singers from the shoot attended the event..........here is Little Boots who I finally met with her stylist Stevie Westgarth.   When I spoke to my mum afterwards and tried to explain that Little Boots had been borrowing some of my accessories, she replied "oh you mean Victoria whats it.........whats it.........whats it.........Hesketh, yes Ive been reading about her".  Classic.  My mum is more on the ball than I give her credit for!  I hope I'm as up on youth culture when I'm of a certain age.............not meaning to write-off 60+ here!  Quite the opposite.  Respect.  

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