Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sun 28th June: Last Footwear

Alex Herdman's own designs
Her inspiration as decoration

Shop fittings and fixtures
Ruth Bartlett Embroidered Hankerchief £15
Cydwoq - Mosaic £179.99  (shoe to left), Cydwoq - Office Button £189.99 (shoe to right)
Barbara Wiggins Large Satchel:  £85.99

Sarah Townsend Hand Made Leder Pixie Dolls:  £85:00
Lindsay Wright Medals:  £40

I travelled down to Brighton today for some research and accidentally fell asleep on the beach and  burnt my face in the bonkers sunshine.   I stayed up most of the night torturing myself watching Glastonbury on iplayer, unable to rest with agitated energy like a child knowing its missing out on what's going on.  But I did go outside for a cigarette in the early hours and had to stand barefoot I'm my flooded garden, so I shut my eyes and it almost felt as if I was in the fields.  IMAGINATION.
So back to is boutique "Last" set up by my cordwainer friend Alex Herdman.  It is a specialist shoe and accessories shop selling a mixture of international designers and local Brighton practitioners.  Alex is a fashion-fetishist for hosiery, and has invested dedicated energy into sourcing a comprehensive range of weird and wonderful socks, tights, garters, girdles and suspender belts.  She also offers a bespoke service to design shoes specific to your own choice of shape and leathers.  With a few fittings required the whole process takes aprox 6 weeks and prices start at £500. 
To view/purchase the extensive line of goodies that Alex has selected with her super cute sensibility, step straight to:


miss milki said...

It looks beautiful, definitely on the list to visit if I ever go to Brighton!

tom bird said...

what happened to quitting smoking Fred?

fredbutlerstyle said...


Its gone the other way

The summer just begs to seen through a cloud of smoke

What can I say

when im 30................8 months of Davidoff bliss and counting