Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thurs 2nd July: Sebastian Camilleri

To wrap up the Print Club's studio visit, here is the work of Sebastian Camilleri who makes up the final triptych element of this creative trio.  His most recent prints are inspired by "Invisible Cities" the novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino.  Its a book that explores imagination through descriptions of cities/human nature and is actually structured in a pattern of numbers that maps each section.  You can see Seb's original A1 positives hanging on his wall and the final prints he displayed for last week's show.
Ive also included his MA film which was made from projecting graphics onto the side of a house  also linked to themes of memories from dwellings and living space ................... aptly in these 3 posts I have been able to show you the designer's own work space and the desks were they reside to create the art and in turn the exhibit which was the secret off-shoot to the official poster show downstairs..........

26 Tavignano from sebastian camilleri on Vimeo.

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