Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sat 14th Nov: Profile Weekender - La Roux insider special with Nova Dando

As most of you will know, Nova Dando is Elly Jackson's stylist and responsible for her rad looks.........cameo brooches with Basso & Brooke print suits...........
She borrowed my Dodecahedron Necklaces for the Bulletproof video and got back in touch to request pieces for the latest video "I'm not your Toy".  I had to decline the offer as I was mid collection..........little did I know that Nova was in exactly the same situation herself!  No rest for the wicked!  Its workaholics anonymous between all of us!  But luckily Nova has a right-hand man Myles to help can see the two of them here trying on wigs for the video.
As it turns out this is my favourite La Roux track and the video is so brilliant I wanted to find out how it came about.  The dancing is so catchy and bonkers, that was my first question:  

I just wanted to know about idea behind the story/narrative i.e where are they & what's going on?!- especially the choreography?

The video is directed by Alex and Liane who came over from Berlin to do the video ( !
Elly loves Caribbean tropical vibes but didn't want it cheesy 80's tropical they wanted it to look more like a colonial British ambassadors house having an elegant party with awkward dancing and a bit of fun.

I love the weird dancing!  I also wondered about the casting - who did that?

They wanted everyone to have awkward sort of dancing- they filmed themselves doing the dance and then sent it out to everyone in the video so they could learn it before hand. We all had a good laugh trying it ourselves during the shoot!

Everyone in the video are friends of mine and Ellys, we went thru my facebook and invited friends that we knew would be up for coming and being in a music video and hanging out with us for the day. 

The band are in it too who haven't been featured in other LA Roux music videos before!

If you notice the casting was kept to an all brunette/dark haired cast to make Ellys hair pop out even more! So everyone wore wigs. 

Christian Frizenwanker came over from Berlin to do the hair and this is us trying all the wigs on in the studio when Alex and Liane came round for a Friday Night 'Meeting'.

One of the dancers is Elly's good friend Cherry - who dances with M.I.A on tour- and she brought her incredible dancing crew. 
(thanks to Nova for the exclusive behind the scenes snaps and answers)

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