Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Weds11th Nov : Art of the Trench

So yep, here it is The Art of the Trench.  The day Rosy and I met Scott Schuman and got snapped wearing some Burberry.  Im also wearing Cooperative Designs and my own caterpillar necklaces...........infront of this cosmic graffiti we found which is very "Granny Takes a Trip" and perfect for me (and if you look very closely you can see that Scott positioned me so that I have horns coming out of my head - thanks!  LOL!).  He was very charming and fun which was an interesting experience to encounter as much as anything else.  I categorically hate having my picture taken so I was like a whippet on high-alert........all tense, shaky and awkward.  But being the professional at getting the best out of his subjects, Scott slipped me "you've got a Scarlett Johansen thing going on" in a deft and dangerously effective quip to make me go all giggly like your mum when she's told she looks like your know is daft but in a funny way it works!  So chabang, we have the shot!
Head over to the site to see international cities that have been covered by The Sartorialist on this Trench Treasure in London he also cast Rosy Nicholas and Reuben Esser.........whilst photographer Mauro Cocilio stopped Kuni and Danny Sangra.............see who else you can spot as more are being uploaded...............

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Style Scanner said...

How great is that 'cosmic' graffiti with your amazing Cooperative Designs dress. Fun to get the lowdown on The Sartorialist's "modus operandi" too!