Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tues10th Nov: Rankin Destroy / The Owl and the pussycat Pat

ns to collaborate with him on customising /Destroying his portraits.  One of these images is a black and white portrait of a19yr old Patrick Wolf holding his viola.  A few of the musicians decided to extend the collaboration and work with an artist on their reinterpretation...........and Patrick asked me.  I took the idea for our piece from the owl pendant in the photograph and cut up (deep breath) Rankin's print to make a tawny owl top for Patrick to wear.  I made a prototype first to get Patrick's approval before going ahead with ripping up the iconic image!  He has since worn this at Latitude so the little fella had an impromptu Summer debut before the show last night!  But here is the final thing in all its glory at Phillips De Pury Gallery with an estimated auction price of £1000-£1500..........all proceeds going to Youth Music ..........come on, dig deep, its for CHARITY............
Just before I had to hand over the owl for curation, we spontaneously had a photo shoot to capture the Owl and the pussycat Pat before he went away for his summer tour.  Elisha Smith Leverock and I took Patrick into his garden in amongst the amazingly graphic and perfect backdrop of Acanthus flowers (which you can see in the previous post).
Patrick performed last night and is playing again at the Palladium on Sunday where we will be selling some merch that we have collaborated on too..............more details to come..........

(Patrick & Rowdy Superstar taken by Rosy Nicholas who helped me make the final owl in June)

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