Friday, 29 January 2010

Fri 29th Jan: Vote Ron

For anyone that follows me on twitter, you may know of my fascination for all things furry and especially my allegiance to Cat Party.  It is one of the funniest blogs I know and makes me smile every day...........just check out the recent post of a cat's sleeping position likened to that of David Bowie walking on the ceiling in Labyrinth.  This blog has escalated in its activity since I first signed up and now has a heady roster of high-brow creative contributors.........and a quoter of ridiculously CUTE CATS!
Now that the party is officially off the ground, there is a monthly competition to acknowledge the best post with a special edition mug prize!  WOW!  I'm not a competitive person but this feature gets me fierce.  I just want that mug!  
I haven't made the shortlist this month  :  (, but Dan Wilton has with his entry about the crown that Rosy Nicholas and I made for his superstar moggy Ron.  Please head over to and VOTE FOR RON so that Dan can be the rightful owner of the first mug of 2010!


Random Fashion Coolness said...

I have voted for Ron! Never so much have I wanted to be a cat so that I could have a crown made by you ;] I adore the Cat Party website - I have two catties, Mrs. Pink & Tip-top; they rule the house!

Fay Elizabeth said...

Too true! I voted for Ron hat.
I also drop by cat party on a daily basis, its the best thing on the internet.

frisbee said...
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