Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday 17th May: Chriss Ofili at The Tate

Luckily I just made it to The Tate in time to catch the Chris Ofili show.  I remember falling in love with the vivid hue, glitter gorgeousness of the epic large canvases when I first went to art school to do my GNVQ (going nowhere very quickly a.k.a generally not very qualified).  This exhibition was a such a nice indulgent collection to re-visit the works that look like Ofili had so much fun making.  The multi faceted textures and patterns oooze satisfaction in the paint strokes, prehistoric type dots and collages of faces in stars.  But, HELLO! Ive never seen his pencil drawings from the same period before?!  They look like embossed 3D reliefs but on closer inspection are actually hundreds of tiny drawn spiral Afro faces...........this brings a new spin to Pointillism!  It was also a delight to get up close to his watercolours with the rainbow bleeds and crisp curves of negative space.   For anyone who may have missed the show, you can get a little insight via this documentary.  It felt very empowering being in the Tate Britain looking at a retrospective of an artist who is only 42.............................check out another inspiring documentary on Matisse who worked right up to his last masterpiece of The Snail aged 84!  (watch here).  

(Thank you to Anna for illegally snapping these pics under my instruction.  Having a 7 month pregnant best friend means you can push them to do naughty stuff for you as they are less likely to get told off .............)

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