Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday 17th May: Mackness Monday

Something is shifting in my monochromatic dressing.  I don't know why, perhaps 12 years has been enough?!  Ive started to notice that Im *DARE I SAY IT* mixing up colours *SHOCK HORROR*.  In this new direction of looking like a walking rainbow I also look like a complete nutter so please do not judge me the next time you see me looking like Shirley Temple caught in the middle of a Shamen video.  But here we have today's cheeky knees care of Laura Mackness for Weekday.  
The best person in the world at giving *FU@CKING FUNNY* daily sartorial anecdotes is Amy Gwatkin who Ive featured in my guest post over on the Selfridges blog.  Follow her here - it is essential material to improve your daily existence.

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Pargy said...

Bloody great tights!