Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tues 18th May: Raise The Roof via. Jason Evans

Attention all Londoners, here is something to put in your diary for Thursday.  Jason Evans original photograph from the Fourtet "There Is Love In You" album artwork will be a lot in an auction "Raise The Roof".  The art sale has been organised by Jason's nephew's school (Columbia Primary) to raise money for one of their exceptional teachers who has very sadly suffered a stroke.  The money raised will help convert her house into a comfortable usable space hence title "Raise the Roof".   I asked Jason to fill us in with a few details on his donation:

"it's an artwork print from when we were making the cover for the four tet album THERE IS LOVE IN YOU. Every circle is out of a hole-punched negative, it took 2 and a half days hole punching for that alone and then another 3 hours to arrange them all on a glass print so it could all be printed in one go... Even if we wanted to, we could never make it again"...

As a CKMY obsessive, news of this piece going on sale is mega exciting.  But there is more...........as Cilla Black would say, there are a lorra lorra lots..........including work from Bella Freud, Vivienne Westwood, Rob Ryan, Gavin Turk, Matthew Williamson, The Chapman Brothers  .........for full list or contact to find out about donating click here.


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