Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sun May 2nd : Shula's Wigwam Prism Party

Shula's Wigwam a.k.a Vickie Hayward and Chrissie Abbott have been tinkering for quite some time preparing their Prism Party at the Pattern Cutters..........plans of a Prince complete with Kareoke and motorbike for the purple (rain) room, giant swiss cheese for the yellow room and seacaves for the blue room.   Yes, an entire club of individually coloured rooms to comprise a whole spectrum.  Party goers were asked to wear white to reflect the projections and Smirnoff supplied drinks dyed and inspired by the theme........a ginger beer was infact cobalt blue.  I made the door girls some rainbow hair pieces and wore an iridescent spectrum foil piece myself.   Now Ive had a party in a monochrome  divided warehouse I just want my very own monochrome divided house...........a different room for each day of the week.........or just totally kitted out by Vernor Panton would suit me fine.

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Maggie said...

sounds like a beautiful party