Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sun May 2nd : Telephone Hat, The Remixes

On average I gross aprox 15 communications a week from people requesting something connected to the Telephone Hat.  If I were to make a book to compile these varying bizarre messages I would like to illustrate it with accompanying artwork that also pops up.  I feel like Tony Hart putting up a little gallery here for everyone to see.........the top is my favourite - a birthday card by illustrator Alice Nyong.  Happy Birthday Shane!
  There are videos on youtube of lessons on how to make it................which is very interesting indeed as I don't think that I could figure it out again myself.........and on that note, NO I am categorically not going to make another, NO I cannot tell you how it was done and NO you cannot buy them ........sorry folks,  it was a one-off for the lady herself specially for the concept of the video.  
If one day I were to make another just for me, I would like it to look a little something like this phone that Alex Cunningham spotted:

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Ada said...

the barbie version is so amazing! :D