Monday, 15 November 2010

Mon 15th Nov: The Pale Blue Door - the world of Tony Hornecker

For a limited time, Tony Hornecker's traveling restaurant returned home to London to open the pale blue door for another stint before his new artist residency at The Royal Opera House. Next month Tony's installation will be part of the celebrations launching the relocation of the Opera House to its new home in Thurrock, Essex.

"... 8 meter towers of opera singers,a machine of a hundred wheels, a skyscraper of doors,costumes flying through the sky, a canary, an old couple still in love, a sculpture of windows, a ballerina in a prism, my mum in a box and 25 performers dazzling at dizzying heights"

Tony is still auditioning parts to comprise his devised piece of work exploring opera and the industry that is behind its production..........for example he is still looking for the old couple in love........... head over to his site to find out more information.
Here are snaps from the Hillman Studio Sunday supper outing to the final night of The Pale Blue Door. Its a perfect treasure trove of treats to nestle in for an Autumnal feast and post dinner fireworks. The last time I ventured into the space was when Tony set it up in the fields of Shepton Mallet for Glastonbury Festival. I can hardly believe that his porch was the most enviable position to be for its shade and respite from the sweltering sun. Oh, how the seasons change! Since this time, the pop up restaurant has been on a road trip to the tree tops of Berlin and back. The next voyage for the destination diner is Valpairais - Chile then Buenos Aires - Argentina, Rio De Janiero - Brazil, Bogoto - Columbia.............. this set designer has certainly got it sussed........... the best way to travel the world with work is to take your own world with you.........

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