Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tues 16 Nov: Small Things - Amy Gwatkin

When Amy and I took a train trip down to Brighton to see Jason Evans exhibition in the photo biennial, we had adequate and rare time to chit chat and catch up. She told me all about her current personal project for the group show "Small Things" which had me on the edge of my National Rail upholstered seat. Amy is never one to take an easy option and instead opted to invite strangers (men) to have their portrait taken naked.............and smoking. The result is a montage of purposefully pixelated black and white voyeuristic shots, as if stills from CCTV of an illicit encounter - possibly post-coital. Ive got absolutely no idea how a girl goes about entering personal contact with an unknown man to firstly photograph him bare and secondly achieve such an intimate narrative. It takes a good while to gaze across the entire grid of mix scale screen shots and see each detail in its own right. Its bloody brilliant and Id love to see it on the wall of a larger solo show. Until then.................. catch Amy's contribution to "Small Things" at Sixty Seven A Gallery, 67a Dalston Lane, London E8 2NG until the 28th Nov. www.interiorpolitics.blogspot.com for appointments

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