Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sat 21st Feb: Danielle Scutt AW11

The invitation artwork had me intrigued with this illustration of jewellery comprised of lipstick components. As soon as the first girl walked out for Danielle'Scutt's return to fashion week, I was hooked to the 90's chain accessories. The gold decor hung en mass with massive outsize warrior configuration in semi circular disc plates. The chain was woven with peroxide hair and talisman earrings swung with the occasional finishing of a locket of long hair. Colour lacquered lipsticks were linked to gilt teapots which were in turn linked to ivory cream small hands.......dangling off human ear shaped fixtures that fitted into the lobe. It turns out that all of Danielle's intricate, bizarre and desirable decolletage has been designed fro Freedom at Top Shop. This means the show-stopping pieces will be hitting the high-street floor and accessible to her fans. Will you be taking direction from her "Walk Of Shame" dress code too? Maybe leave that till the morning after, the night before enjoying wearing her pieces.......

Special thanks to Rosy Nicholas for these brilliant backstage photos from her casting.

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