Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tues 15th Feb: "No Days Off" report on the iconic London Mosaic under threat........

The maverick magician behind my graphic design Teo Connor has alerted me to the sad and scandalous pillage of the magnificent multi-colour mosaics at Tottenham Court Road underground. I absolutely love these public space site specific pieces and have previously blogged photos of the moth and more abstract patterns so akin to my own obsession for colour and form. Here, Teo talks through the developments which I have lifted from her own business blog "No Days Off" ........

"If you do one thing this week, make sure it’s going down to Tottenham Court Road station for a long, and perhaps final, look at Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s beautiful technicolor mosaics. These stunning works of art, that depict elements from everyday city life in Paolozzi’s distinctive Pop Art style, are at risk due to the mammoth Cross Rail
revamp taking place at the station.

I know that travelling on the tube in London can be pretty horrendous and is best avoided unless you have a penchant for sticking your face in the armpits of strangers. However, what is great about Paolozzi’s mosaics is their power to cheer up even the most weary of commuters, and bring a burst of colour and personality to an otherwise bland station.

I think it would be very sad to lose such a spectacular and iconic piece of public art.

Let’s hope TFL do the right thing by preserving one of the few things that make travelling by tube half bearable, for future generations to enjoy."

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Ana Montiel said...

Oh no... They are so wonderful! Fingers crossed so they can have a bit of common sense and keep them in some way :O