Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mon 16th May: Vogue Fabrics

Now that the 3rd "House of Organza" collection is made we need to shoot it in both a still fashion story and fashion film. To fund this next venture we held a party at "Vogue Fabrics" - the venue owned by the projects curator and designer Lyall Hakaraia. Here is the other co-curator Kim Howells wearing a discreet blue tulle piece for the occasion .......... with another contributor Anna from Patternity wearing the new blue print for the collection. This set of photographs are by Anna who sees print in every detail, wherever she goes which feeds into their online visual resource of pattern and colour. The team's set designer Alun Davies striped t-shirt matched perfectly to the sprayed walls of Vogue Fabrics ....... stripes and spots seemed to be the sartorial theme of the night seen also in A Man To Pet's hazard flash onsie!
Vogue Fabrics is holding fort at Glastonbury Festival again this year next to NYC Downlow and Tony Hornecker's Pale Blue Door (where you will find A Man To Pet as resident maitre d). If you go to this year's Glasto make sure you mission it up to Block 9 one night to experience the incredible disco addition to the festival. You can find out full details over on the official website, or pick up the new i-D to read Tom Ryling's article about the essential summer scene "“addictive experience for every Glastonbury”.

(Photos of the party by Anna Patternity feat Kim, Alun, Anna, Grace, A Man To Pet and dj Princess Julia)

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Oh brilliant! Looks like you had a fantastic time!