Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday 4th March: Paris Fashion Week - Bernhard Willhelm

My last show of being in Paris was Bernhard Willhelm and another chance to see Andrew Gallimore and Lyndell Mansfield at work on the makeup and hair. This was quite some feat with many, many girls (possibly 22) all with a double design of half one style and half another! Here are some backstage shots of work in progress and a few of the final show where the models stopped mid way to rest on a crate........ which I was in perfect position to shoot. I was also right infront of a door left a-jar so I could see Bernhard putting spoonfuls of hair mousse on the their mohawks just before they walked looked like alot of fun with a big mixing bowl of white fluff to dish out as the finishing touch on this full-on look! Go Bernhard!
To see the collection for yourself in London, look out for the dates of the upcoming Ella Dror PR press day.........

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