Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Weds 7th March: Paris Fashion Week - Yang Du

The animals went in two by two .......horrah, horrah .........the animals went in two by two down the runway for Yang Du......... horrah horrah! To fit to the Noah's Ark theme of Yang's AW12 collection, the models were cast in pairs and choreographed to walk with their partner like the creatures depicted in their pictorial cashmere knits. The girls had block colour warpaint makeup akin to jungle birds and carried leather accessories like this gorgeous pink owl satchel. The looks were separated with intermissions of performance by Ryan Styles who was teamed up with Yang Du on a collaborative initiative set in place by On/Off. You can see Ryan above in a zebra jersey, during one such monologue before the final group dance with confetti canons that glittered the floor for the finale. Since I first saw Yang's work at her CSM MA show in 2008, I have wanted a piece of the soft graphic gorgeousness and only wish I could have kept hold of the dress I wore for The Telegraph........... so I had a go at trying out her new ginormous giraffe and hippo rucksacks just incase.......... which you can see over on my Tumblr. All styling by Kim Howells which you can also check out on her Tumblr..........

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