Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sun April 1st - Paolo Roversi at The Wapping Project Bankside

I once had the incredible luck to be on set of a shoot at Paolo Roversi's town house, back in the days of when I assisted set designer Andy Hillman.  I drove a Luton van full of props form London to Paris where we spent the next few days witnessing this modern master at work.  My three main memories are of the dream library of monographs (an entire dedicated room - apparently there are more at home), his retro film posters and the catering (best quiche of my life!).  So its really nice to see this photo of a crew on a similar day (Jane How) and remember the set up - it looks like the daily sit-down lunch must be a standard scenario.  
Paolo Roversi is now represented in the UK by The Wapping Project Bankside and his first solo exhibition at the gallery has just been extended for a month if anyone has missed it.  The space is nestled at the back of the Tate Modern, so it's positioning is well placed for any unsuspecting footfall to chance upon his stonkingly beautiful works.  The majority of shots selected for this series focus on both his work-space and his muse Guinevere, seen in many different guises but all thru his misty dreamy lens.  This vision has found him in perfect company collaborating with Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto in the past, in addition to other greats Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior and Valentino ............ not to mention the prolific Vogue Italia editorial........ of which I got to see in action on a Prada special with Jacob K (see more here).   

Read an interview with the photographer about how the relationship with the gallery came about, over on Dazed   and see the exhibition at The Wapping Project - Bankside (65a Hopton Street, London SE1 until 28th April

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