Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weds 4th April: Slovenia Fashion Week Day 1 cont.

The very first runway show of Slovenian Fashion Week was dedicated to new emerging talent with a back-to-back selection of fresh graduates .  Kathryn and I were so impressed with the standard of design, styling and presentation.  So much thought had been put into accessories and footwear it was a real treat.  My particular favourite was  Katja Magister's necklaces made from linked circle embroidery-frames wrapped in the same fabric as the garment. Unfortunately we couldn't get great photos to fully demonstrate this, so head over to the official site to view the press shots of the looks for a better idea.  
The day began with a panel discussion of what defines the Slovenian fashion identity.  Current practitioners shared views with previous generation industry figures and The British Council had brought over Mariel Reed from "Not Just A Label" for an outsider's perspective.  Mariel identified that the tutor's penchant for the Japanese era of Rei Kawabuko and Yoji Yamamoto has had an undeniable trickle effect on the aesthetic of the Academy.  Although this has left a legacy of a mute colour palette, the pattern cutting is impeccable with exciting experimental silhouettes and construction.  It would be absolutely brilliant to see these new names get some international exposure from this second Fashion Week for the country............... keep your eyes peeled for these brands:
(Top to bottom in chronological order: 1. Peter Movrin, 2-3 Petja Zorec, 4 Dajana Ljubičič, 5-7 Anđela Lukanovič, 8 Ana Jelinič, 9 Ivan Rocco)

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