Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May: A/W12 backstage film by Sarah Keeling

Here are my own backstage photos from my presentation at A/W12 LFW which I haven't yet published but now is the right time to tie in with the release of  Sarah Keeling 's film from the day.  Whilst we were scurrying around tying the models up in tank tops and twists, Sarah was on the sideline with her camera rolling, silently capturing the sushi inspired action.  Below you can watch the beautiful atmospheric final edit and over on my Tumblr are more of these fantastic gifs made from the footage by Emily Beard.  Massive thanks to Sarah for this record of the moment and thanks to T3ETH for allowing us to use their single "Flowers" for the soundtrack.

(Images top to bottom:  my rainbow dress for the day, Phoebe, Kim Howells, Bianca Tuovi's wigs, models in makeup with Yin Lee, Marian Newman's Minx nails, Keely Hunter, collection details, Pomp De Franc Sushi cupcakes, goody bags, Rosy Nicholas collaboration shoes) 


Betsan Evans said...

Some amazing pieces there!! love the shoes especially! xxx

Haidée said...