Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7th May: Damien Hirst at The Tate Modern

As I have mentioned previously, all the major galleries in London have been taking it in turns to open their most ambitious shows to date, to coincide with The Olympic games coming to town this year.  Here is the one that has probably had the most cash thrown at / invested in it with an all encompassing retrospective of Hirst's grand scale works at The Tate Modern.   I missed Sensation the first time round so for me it was actually a final chance to see these pickled pieces.   I trawled round the group of Gagosian's on the spot trail earlier this year so I'm all good for dots and I just had a dose of the pills at British Design at the V&A.   However I couldn't miss witnessing this landmark show as I always regretted bypassing Sensation, so I headed down to the Supermarket Sweep of art on Bank Holiday Sunday.  Although it was a shoulder to shoulder, push and shove through the sheep ....... it was probably the most fun time to go, just to see the faces on children in the butterfly room.  For all the high-brow conceptual fine-artists who I've heard snubbing this "soulless" life's work I would like to say this - its got nice colours and kids like it - can't be too much of a bad thing.  Maybe there could have been a ball pool next to the elevated beach ball and we could have all got in together for a mental half hour and forget our adult sensible sensibilities.  
However "For The Love Of God" ironically is the title of the crystal skull and the phrase that will pass your lips when you see the cue waiting in line down the Turbine Hall to see it................ 

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fredv said...

I hope you enjoy my visit to the Damien Hirst show as much as I did

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