Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Weds 9th May: Jason Evans at Hyères Festival

One artist I think I know who will like the previous marble pour paintings is Jason Evans whom I share a love for all things colourful and cosmic.  Here is a vertiginous picture of the installation he has just been exhibiting at Hyères Festival whilst there to judge the photographic competition.  All images linked together for this particular showcase follow the theme of projects he has been commissioned and collaborated on over the last twenty years from fashion to album artwork.  To mimic the magazine pages that the shoots have appeared on, the photos have been printed on paper sheets and hung in a flat plan.  In trademark Evans style, he painted the walls of the gallery space in a hazard pattern, picking up on the tones of flower blossom from the flowers at Villanoailles (of which you can see one single stem in the corner).
To add to this panoramic that Jason has kindly sent over, I have photographed pages from his "Sunday Supplement" magazine which Caribou commissioned for their ATP festival curated at Butlins last year.  Jason worked with Alex Rich to edit images from his unpublished archive spanning street and still life pictures.   You can see the shot with green gloves included in the Hyères show (1st left) and many examples of his psychedelic shots that appear every day on his website "The Daily Nice".  If you weren't at Hyeres to enjoy the event, you can read a great review over on i-D Online with a portrait of Jason and Yohji Yamamoto taken by Terry Jones and watch an interview with Jason and the other exhibitors  here.

You can purchase "Sunday Supplement" by Jason Evans & Alex Rich here.

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