Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tues 8th May: NYC incoming images from Rosy Nicholas - Ryan McGinley "Animals"

Rosy Nicholas is in NYC for the Freize Art Fair and has kindly offered to be our foreign correspondent by sending over some imagery from her time there.  Up first is the latest solo show by downtown photographer Ryan McGinley "Animals".  This is very different from his landscape work where he travels to remote destinations to blend human form into the curves of nature's form.  For this project he took a different angle, taking a mobile studio on an excursion setting up at  sanctuaries, zoos, and rescue homes to capture animals in a controlled environment.  Candy colour Colorama rolls have replaced ethereal waterfalls and blurry motion shots have become static like the blue budgie, Sienna Miller portrait commissioned by Vogue. This is certainly an example of prop styling I haven't  seen before - a marmoset in a muff?!   I imagine this was much more fun than all the shoots I have done with stiff fixed taxidermy creatures from "Get Stuffed"! 
"Animals" runs till 02 June at 83 Grand Street, between Wooster and Greene. 
Concurrently, the 47 Wooster Street space is showing "Grids" - an additional McGinley solo show 

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