Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thurs 2nd Aug: ADIDAS All In 2012 customizers - TeamFB for Stella McCartney

Whilst customizer Craig Green was teamed with David Beckham, I drew the Stella McCartney straw and was designated the designer behind the official ADIDAS GB kit.  Stella came in to meet me and pick her favourite pair of training shoes to give a brief of what she would like.  Choosing the sprinter style, she asked me to create a structure to fill the negative space behind the heel when its up on its toe to make a new wedge silhouette.  As an accessories designer I approached the mission to make a separate component  so that she could still wear the shoe and have a keepsake memento artifact as an additional ornament.  Her other wish was that I kept the colour palette "in the world of red" so when we knew Louis Smith was dropping by we asked him to bring in some of his red kit from winning bronze for the GB gymnastic team the previous day.  We set about cutting up his shirts and patchworking them into dodecahedron shapes to mimic sports balls and also fit perfectly to my signature style as Stella's prints are geometric and in keeping with materials I usually select.  Here is the result which we managed to finish for 7pm on the dot for her to pick up before she skipped to another studio at Stratford straight into a live interview with Gary Lineker on the BBC.  It was very surreal having just given her the gift I had been intensely sewing all day to finally sit down and look up at the big screen in the ADIDAS lounge to see her on the TV.  I think that sums up my whole experience of that day, from touching Louis's incredible medal and chopping up his actual kit to hand back to the original designer in a completely new format.  The pressure was on working against the clock like Count Down , every stitch being monitored by the camera crew but I just took a deep breath and counted myself lucky I wasn't actually one of the athletes having to perform 4 years of training in one go infront of the whole world's live audience!!!!  That perspective made it all possible!  Massive props to TeamGB and their success so far ............ looking swag all the way in their Stella McCartney kit! 
Find out more about this particular customisation over on Grazia, Wonderland Magazine.

Thanks to Rosy Nicholas and Keely Hunter for being on TeamFB <3 nbsp="nbsp">
(Ian Pons Jewell and Doug pictured on the filming)

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