Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday 22nd July: 2026 in "Utopian Voices" at Somerset House

Following on from yesterday's Photographers Gallery post with a portrait by Kristin-Lee Moolman to an entire exhibition of her photography, specially commissioned by Somerset House.  Curator Shonagh Marshall has brought together a selection of UK artists to form a large-scale group show for the Summer "Utopian Voices" exploring the body, gender, sexuality and race which extends the year's Utopia 2016 scheme.  South African photographer Kristin worked with London stylist Ibrahim Kamara to present a fantasy vision of men's style, 10 years ahead in 2026.  Kamara not only put together the looks but also tailored new constructed garments from clothes reclaimed from landfill in Johannesburg, such as lace tablecloth dresses and laundry bag suits.  Each shot is so unique with no over-lapping or repetition between the whole series.  Here are just some of the images and the extra paraphernalia they have exhibited alongside the prints including sketch-book work.

I really recommend this entire show - "Urban Voices" at Somerset House until 29th August.

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