Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday 18th July: K-LIVE in Sete, France

Whilst visiting Sete in France for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide music festival, we kept noticing amazing street-art on the buildings.  All became clear when we found a map at the Contemporary Art Museum for an open-air tour of the murals which were from K-LIVE Festival.  Earlier in the Summer, Sete had another festival that combines music with urban art which invited artists to take part and add to the previous year's works.  Amazingly some of these existing early installations across the Port were still perfectly intact with no intervention of graffitti tags which Im sure would have happened in London!  
Here are some of the paintings including an outdoor public library in a fridge on the main K-LIVE street gallery ....... 
Top to bottom:  Romain Froquet, Jan Kalab, Depose, Julien Seth Malland, Christian Guemy, Pedro,  GoddoG, Kashink, Spogo, Bault, Philippe Baudelocque 

See more over on the K-LIVE site here.

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