Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wednesday 20th July: JustJam at Chicken Town

Meanwhile, back in London and straight to more live music, this time in a van.  JustJam are rolling out their Summer live streams on the road and last week took up residence on the forecourt of Chicken Town.  This social enterprise in Tottenham is becoming one of my favourite places in London providing local kids (er, and adults) with an affordable, healthy and sustainably sourced alternative to regular chicken spots.  All of the branding and interior design is brilliant with a beak motif integrated from the menu illustrations to the light fittings.  Their employment scheme is also expertly designed to train and mentor staff up to a professional level so that they can transfer over to London's top restaurants (The River Cafe etc).  Despite the earnest framework for the business, their sense of humour is excellent with the "Tottenham Hopspur" beer and dishes being named after Tottenham Grime MC's.  For example the vegan dish is the "BBK" to honour the veggie vocalist Skepta who has been in to try it! These complimentary nachos I got given are dubbed the "Hot Chip".  Check out the kids menu, subsidised at £2, affectionately known as the "Junior Spesh" .....

The Old Fire Station, Town Hall Approach Rd, London, N15 4RX

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