Friday, 20 October 2017

Friday 20th October: Butchers Hair Salon

Thanks to Butchers Hair Salon for the Aveda cut, style, treatment and relaxation head & neck massage!  Located at the start of Columbia Road, the salon not only represents this plant-based and eco-friendly brand but also has botanical interior decor of a canopy of hanging plants.  It was a real treat to have the heavenly scented products throughout the appointment and the addition of the massage to begin was pure luxury.  Here you can see the essential oils used and the final cut which has moved my side parting to the middle - a brand new departure!  I'm very pleased with this move and really chuffed with my sharp new "do" from Lisa Janesey who curled the lengths in the blow dry for a fun wave to leave the salon.   Check out their Instagram to see more of their work and influences / references.

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