Thursday, 19 October 2017

Thursday 19th October: Survival Techniques at Atom Gallery


After a couple of years since devising Survival Techniques and covering walls of London with inspirational motto murals, Naomi Edmondson now has a solo show at Atom Gallery in Green Lanes.  The gallery is situated above a screen-printing studio where you can view her prints being made ready for the limited edition run in conjunction with the show.  Out the back, she has painted a brand new commission on the side of their exposure unit which you can see in this portrait of the artist at her private view! 
Her archive of works are hung gloriously in one complete story alongside a London map pin-pointing the locations of her large scale street-art.  There is even a suggestion box to add your own Survival Technique to her bank of memos to be used in the future.  If you'd like a hands-on experience painting with Naomi, check out her Cass Arts workshop here

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