Thursday, 19 October 2017

Thursday 19th October: Patternity X The Wellcome Trust "INFECTIOUS PATTERN"

Patternity invited me to The Wellcome Trust to see their collaboration "INFECTIOUS PATTERN" which is a venture to highlight the research that Wellcome supports via a patterned installation and film.  The windows down the Euston Road which are always brilliantly filled with scientific themed artwork now house the signature Patternity op-art designs.  For this site-specific project they researched and referenced the institution's library as source material for the shapes.  For example the iconic Memphis style squiggles originally came from an Alan Turing print derived from bacteria in a petri dish.  I never even knew this fact until their presentation and Q&A with Mike Turner who is Head of Infection & Immunobiology at Wellcome.  Mike gave a history of the success in supporting schemes such as Malaria medicine & prevention and HIV home-testing kits.  He also covered the current widespread urgent issue on the implications of antibiotic misuse. 
It's issues such as this that the campaign is targeting to address in educating the public passing the installation and via Patternity's global online network and community.  Part of this outreach is a chance to print your own patterned tote bag to wear wherever you go to share the message and "spread" the word.  Here you can see the bag which I collaged together during the press preview which is now a workshop open to the public.  Head over to Biletto for a ticket from which the proceeds will go to Unicef's life-saving vaccines.  

See the animated film here.

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