Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sunday 10th June: Hattie Stewart's "I Don't Have Time For This" at NOW Gallery

Coincidentally the artist who has taken over the next show at NOW Gallery after me is Hattie Stewart who is from the same town as me!  Essex girls are infiltrating the big smoke and bringing colour and pattern to London!  
The lineage of shows at NOW Gallery has been a constanstly evolving use of the space with no shows looking anything like a previous one.  Each artist has totally transformed the glass wall gallery and this latest installation is no exception.  Hattie has hung a mirrored ceiling to reflect a massive hand-painted mural on the floor.  Visitors can lie on the design and look up to see themselves as characters amongst her trademark cartoon world.  Her mixed-media illustration work often doodle bombs over the cover stars of magazines and here you can become your model on her landscape.
Here are snaps from her private view including her with DJ Jodie Harsh who provided the sounds for the party fuelled by alco-lolly-pops and gifted with her own design tote bag for the Peninsulist artist edition series.

See my archive posts on Hattie's exhibitions here and here.

NOW Gallery, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London til 25th June

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