Friday, 8 June 2018

Friday 8th June: Lorenzo Vitturi's "Money Must Be Made" at Flowers Gallery

I'm a massive fan of Lorenzo Vitturi's work and excited that his latest photography series "Money Must Be Made" is now on at Flowers Gallery. I first fell in love with his portrait and interlinked still life project that captured Ridley Road's market, documenting the atmosphere perfectly and beautifully. "Money Must Be Made" has taken the same theme of working with personalities and paraphernalia but travelling to the Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria, the second biggest market of its kind in West Africa. The characters carrying goods on their heads were shot in a make-shift studio in the actual market, made with backdrops of fabrics foraged from the stalls. These shapely silhouettes are shown next to detailed complimentary compositions of the bulbous gourds, fruit and veg. The hand-made cover of the book also uses this calabash bubble in a Matisse style cut-out from screen-printed leather. Ive included a photo here from the book launch at Donlon Books to illustrate the various colour-ways that Lorenzo printed of this limited edition run. Its such an amazing investment to have this book as each page is a work of art in itself. The textures, patterns, colours, characters all brought together with his distinctive aesthetic is outstanding and its brilliant to be able to see the images blown up to full scale at Flowers this Summer.

82 Kingsland Road, LONDON , 11 May – 30 June 2018

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