Monday, 25 August 2008

Mon 25th Aug: I got Candy

One of my favourite extracurricular activities is riffling the vinyl boxes of a certain undisclosed stretch of North London charity shops. BINGO on Saturday!
I found this album by Bow Wow Wow from 1981 which aside from the hit "Go Wild In The Country" it is famed for the controversial cover. The band were the original line up of Adam and The Ants with Adam replaced by 14yr old Anabella when their management was taken over by Malcolm Maclaren. Ever the Agent Proveocater (sorry for the pun, couldn't help myself) he wanted the cover to recreate Manet's painting “Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe". Annabella's mother had an investigation launched against Maclaren for indecency and tried to have the the artwork banned. The original cover was only printed in a few European countries wheres the UK and US used one with her in a white dress. So I am really chuffed to have found this copy! Geek Central!

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