Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thurs 28th August: A Shaded View

Although I have many a favourite blog, the ultimate defining and original perfection of the art (pioneer) is by Diane Pernet. I met Diane in my first week of interning for AsFOUR in Paris in 2001. She was making a documentary about them and came to film them installing their show at Colette. This film is on her website entitled "Chapels As FOUR" which she made with Disciple films where I took this snap of her whilst editing some footage. Funny that at the time, I took this snap it coincidentally had my favourite colours on the screen.
She has always been an outstanding support to me since I began out on my own and has certainly contributed immensely in helping to raise awareness of my business. She is always first to find out about something new and the archive on her blog is the best tool to research anything and everything within the creative and fashion industries. But I guess that we all know this so I will stop stating the obvious about this legendary site and just say a big THANKYOU!

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