Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday 5th June: Totem 49 @ Kemistry

So here it is!
Damien Poulain's hard work came together for the unveiling of his new show "Totem 49" at Kemistry.  Charlotte Street was alive with people buzzing in and out of the gallery likes bees excitedly circulating the graphic honey comb trap.   
I got to finally see which one is which, and appreciate the finer details e.g "Britney Spears Shaved Head" is painted with the word OOPS!  So that'll be both commentary on a lyric and how she probably felt at that time!  That is a good example of one of the more humorous pieces which made my shoulders move violently up and down with chuckles.  But some were slightly darker and made me a bit sad.  "Shell" was the petrol logo with a sea bird sat ontop dripping with a coating of a black oil slick.    The sequence of characters is set out in an accompanying book which he commissioned a poet to explain and elaborate on the selected studies.   So you can dip into this delightful limited edition catalogue to read the individual profiles and reasonings.  
Damien also painted the front of the building with the face from the polkadot Comme Des Garcons totem ...............

"TV TEST CARD"  - a personal favourite!
"KLAUS NOMI' - one for spadger!
"JCDC"  "V&R"
The exhibition is on until mid July so you have time to check out the carved reclaimed skirting board and dado rail joys!

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Spadger said...

whoop! these are lovely, especially appreciating the Nomi. respec'