Wednesday, 3 June 2009

WEds 3rd June: Damien Poulain, "Totem 49"

During a breakfast culture-catch-up time, I opened this week's issue of Design Week and here is what was looking off the page back at me.  I stopped breathing and in dyslexic frustration tried to scan the blurb to find a credit.  There it was "Damien Poulain" - graphic design wizard.  Just take a squizz at this congregation of cheeky chappies that he has created for a new exhibition "Totem 49".  This is quite possibly one of the best images that I have seen in recent times and I couldn't wait to get to work to email him and find out more.   Damien has responded perfectly to my brief of submitting snaps from his work in progress so we can see how it all come about. .................. 

Q:  What was the concept for the characters?  I can recognise a Victor & Rolf harlequin and see in your sketch that is says Gareth Pugh...........can you please just quickly explain the idea behind the collection.........

A:  Yes, indeed, there are some fashion icons (the ones that inspire me) but the collection also tackles politics, music, art, beliefs, technology etc.. I wanted to recreate new religions based on contemporary symbols, icons, beauty. The idea came up when visiting museums, as we are confronted by ancient religious sculptures, divinities or totems and we don't really know what they mean. I thought that this could be adapted to our century's new idols to create new icons/totems that you may or may not relate to depending on your interpretation of them.

I still have no idea of the scale of the pieces that he has hand painted on reclaimed wood, so its going to be a really nice surprise when I go!  Its opening tomorrow, so go to check out these crazy creature comforts at Kemistry.  They are going for sale as a collection rather than individual pieces.  I'm considering getting an invigilating stint at the gallery so i can sneakily pocket one when no one is looking.  Somebody, somewhere out there did that with a certain Anthony Gormley exhibit.............on that occasion the light fingers were not actually mine...........but it did plant a seed!*

June 2009
Totem 49 Exhibition
Solo show at Kemistry Gallery, London.
4th June to 18th July 2009.

*Obviously Im joking.  I wouldn't actually steal.
Although the notion is becoming a bit of a reaccurance in the musings on this blog.
I feel like that character from the Fast Show........."Im a little bit oooh, little bit way.........wouldn't trust me with that no no"

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