Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sat 6th June: The Twits

I was under the impression that Tweet was an American R'n'B act who sang about masturbation but apparently the word is now more commonly synonymous with Twitter.  Thc act of writing an update of "What Are You Doing?" is know as a "Tweet".
Ever the trail-blazer, I appear to be a good year late on this one and just jumped on board the bandwagon when given the nod by NoDaysOff.  When they aren't methodically recording the progress of the nextdoor building demolition.......they are also busy designing incredible artwork for album covers (remember the Roisin Murphy "Overpowered" in a Sandra Buckland Dress accessorized w/Nazir Mazhar).  Here is Paloma Faith who is the latest artist to have been granted their magic touch and the posters have just gone up round town..........which I have snapped on the street to tide us over until I get more content direct from NDO HQ.  (hint hint guys!)

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