Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tues 2nd June: Craig Lawrence Part 2

Whilst at a recent sponsorship seminar Craig, Piers Attkinson and I had a good old rant about being bogged under by blog interviews and not having time to actually get round to designing...............before we had time to set the world to rights, I was immediately thinking up questions to ask Craig myself !.............

Ha, ha, sorry Craig!  He has very, very kindly relinquished to my request to get a glimpse into his wooly workings..........listen up Swarovski, the boy is a genius............

1)  You have a magic wardrobe of knitted jumpers that I love.  What was your favourite jumper/knitted item when you were a kid?

it was one gran knitted, green with rows of red apples and then 1 on the top row eaten, me and my bro had both had one.

2)  When I was at primary school there was a girl who knitted her own jumpers.  That blew my mind, I could just about manage a scarf with the intervention of the WI knitting circle.  Can you remember the first thing you knitted that was actually a wearable piece? 

it was my salmon pink scarf i knitted at my grans, it was my favourite and i never washed it, but i lost it on the train on the way up to london, sucks!

3)  You are known for pioneering "knitting" with unconventional materials.  What is your absolute dream material? 

i would love to knit with leather again and crystals as well, perhaps pink crystals!

4)  Your last collection was inspired by cocktails.  Can you give the readers a recommendation of making and decorating your favourite tipple?  

ok so the last one i made was watermelon daquiris, grab a big chunk of watermelon, put 4 spoons of sugar in, with half a lime, as much rum as you can handle, then blend with half a bag of ice, its amazing and not really that expensive, double fun!

5)  A dress from your graduate collection featured on the front cover of Another Magazine modelled by Tilda Swinton.  Who else would you like to see wearing your work / who is your favourite dressed person?

beth bitto's hot as well, she wore a pink ball ribbon dress in may issue of dazed, then i'm really not sure................ apart from girls aloud

6)  What was the last unsuspecting inspiring thing that you saw?

actually, the recyling bin bags, they come in so many different jazzy colours

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