Thursday, 30 July 2009

Friday 31st July: Miss Jacqueline White

I'm not quite sure what made Thurs 30th July such a hot date to hold a preview, but last night I had 6 to attend.  I managed 3 and had look-outs at a further 2 so hopefully I'll be able to cover the majority.  First stop..........a date with a T-Shirt line based on the "pillow talk faux pas" of the East London dating circuit.  The designer behind the self title line is Jacqueline White who I assisted a few moons ago when we were both at college.  She came back to help me in return, so in good karma, I hiked across to Hackney to make a pitt stop for support at the Laundrette for her launch.  The specially selected venue worked a treat for displaying her wares hanging amongst the graphic backdrop of the tumble dryers.  Lots of the guests had turned out in Tropical theme attire and here are her hostesses who were by light years the nicest door-attendants of the night............well you can see that can't you............fantastic.  Congrats Jaq!  

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Miss Jacqueline White said...

Thanks Fred!

I want to see the old pic of me in a launderette. How weird.
I love the launderette girls.....Victoria (my sister) and Lucy are absolute stars and did me proud.