Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunday 26th July Naomi + Andre at the 1-2-3-4 Festival in Shoreditch Park

Hola everyone! Buenos Dias Fred!

After yesterday’s unseasonably gorgeous Mediterranean weather at the V&A we are reassured to have the gale force winds and sheeting rain reinstated to the UK just in time for this rather splendid little one-dayer down in Shoreditch Park.

I’ve summoned my photographer bezzie, Andre T to come down, because his camera’s bigger than mine and he’s the best at bogling this side of Swindon. First up we hung out in the backstage area, looking for famous types. When none were forthcoming we watched an amazing set of ‘covers with a twist’ from Lewis Floyd Henry . . . he rocked the joint, and told us afterwards he’s celebrating being signed up to a record label yesterday. Well Done.

Next up during a break in rainfall we watched Polly Scattergood bewitch the crowd with her husky folk tones and her fabulous feathery finery.

Under cover of canvas in the electro tent, we saw Matthew !Wow Wow! take the roof off with his set. I know that this is an exaggeration – clearly the roof was still intact, but when I say that a spontaneous mosh pit occurred and everyone in the first six rows went crazy I’m not exaggerating at all. In fact, I had to run away, in fear of my toes which were vulnerable to stamping in my studded glads.

Now, as the afternoon built to its climax – namely the Wolfster himself, the weather seemed to spitefully deteriorate, the rain pelting down and the clouds thickening and blocking out the sun. No matter; the crowd – which seemed to appear from nowhere but take up most of the park and comprised Patrick’s hard core of psychotically enthusiastic fans as well as everyone else, contrived to dance in between the droplets.
Now, sitting at home listening to Patrick’s songs is pleasant enough but as a performer he takes on many unexpected dimensions. With the voice of Gahan, the stylings of Bowie and moves which are all his own he bestrode the stage like Grace Jones and at times couldn’t help grinning all over his glittery face – how nice to see someone enjoying the show as much as their audience.

By the time he sang Hard Times, the whole park was screaming “Revolution” back at him and no one gave a second thought to how chilly and damp it was and got a bit swept away on a beautiful tide of determined emotion. Wow. For the last song he nipped offstage to transform once again, into a MIGHTY OWL! (in Fred’s creation)

As a girl who likes to go out as much as possible I know I overuse the phrase “That's the best thing I’ve EVER seen” - but today, I meant it.

Naomi Attwood with pictures by Andre Titcombe for FredButlerStyle

See the dayglo version here:

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