Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wednesday 29th July: Washroom Galleries @ Queen of Hoxton

Naomi here, once again, with a snippet about last night: when the Queen of Hoxton bar, everyone’s favourite London listings mag and a selection of the capital’s best illustrators and artists joined forces to unveil: The Washroom Galleries!
We nipped down for a pint and a natter with lecool and the gang, followed by a lengthy examination of the artwork in the ladies loos.
Deadbeat Donny, a collective of artists are responsible for the first one . . . based on the fact they say they are inspired by their surroundings I’d like a walk around their neighbourhood; where even the burglars wear winkle pickers and all the cars are retro chic.
Matthew Green’s work is well known to readers of The Guardian, Time Out, Dazed and Confused and The Economist. He came over all foxy in the lavs.

Tahnee Lonsdale created this psychedelic cubicle . . . its actually an apocalyptic landscape . . .
 . . but it inspired my friend Tess and I to get painty ourselves. On our faces.

Now its Sayonara from moi and Wilkommen back in the country to Fred!

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