Sunday, 26 July 2009

Saturday 25th July - Naomi at the V&A Village Fete

Naomi at the V&A Village Fete

We’re in beautiful West London - SW7 on a glorious Saturday afternoon to have a butcher’s hook round the tenth V&A Village Fete. The courtyard has been bedecked with huge quantities of Union Jack bunting – it looks fab, I’ve dragged along my sister Sarah to help me investigate the best bits of the fete.

Here’s One I Made Earlier present…Best in Show; a dog show with a remote control dog by Here’s One I made Earlier - illustrators Jenny Bull and Sarah Fotheringham, and product designer Demelza

Tatty Devine present…Fish for Victory A fishing pond for nippers made by everyone’s favourite plastic fantastic jewellery

Robert Archard & Donna Wilson present…Cake and MakeOoh – this one was our favourite – scrummy looking knitted cakes. By Donna Wilson and Robert Archard.

Lady Luck Rules OK present…Rock ‘n’ Roll Tiddlywinks Throwing giant Tiddlywinks at a target cut from a pair of GIANT kittens for the chance to win a prize. We thought it was quite funny that the only person we saw get the prize (a lovely necklace) was a 7 year old boy, whilst all the trendy, jewellery wearing girls couldn’t manage

Thomas.matthews presents…Britain’s Sock Talent Our favourite thing by far was the sock puppet making competition. We think we may have created the most glamorous 80s throwback sock puppet ever. What do you reckon?

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After all that lot a large Pimms is next on the to-do list. What an enjoyable afternoon.
Naomi Attwood

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